Homeschool the Smartest Preschooler Around…

Using this Done-for-You, Play-Based Advanced Preschool Curriculum



Get the Mommy & Me Pre-K program, plus a whole host of bonuses for a limited time!

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Get 20 weeks of AMAZING Preschool-at-Home lessons plus a stack of Incredible BONUSES for a limited time!

Get 20 weeks of AMAZING PreK-at-Home lessons plus a stack of Incredible BONUSES for a limited time!

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Gillian McCahon

"I have always been very active in promoting learning with my daughter from an early age and as a literacy practitioner in the community, I know full well how important this is. The pandemic and working from home has really impacted and restricted how much I am able to prepare, particularly as I want a huge focus on subtle, fun activities. When I found Mommy and Me I was delighted! I have seen so many "ready to go" promises that unfortunately just don't deliver. Not here! This resource is brilliant and really does all the hard work, right down to simply clicking a link to a range of brilliant songs, stories and activities. My daughter and I love it!"

I really can't recommend you enough.

Thank you.

Kindest regards


Amanda K.

"Thank you so much for providing this awesome resource! My 4 year old daughter has been loving working on "school" since we started in June. Honestly, it's been the best $50 we've spent since the pandemic started! The activities are great, she is really starting to master her letters and numbers, and the crafts/books/songs are always a hit here!"

Is your smart preschooler getting bored?

Don’t kill their passion and excitement for learning by holding them back. Read on to find out how to get amazing daily, at-home ADVANCED preschool activities started in just minutes.

Has your preschooler already learned their letters, numbers, and basic counting?

Most preschool curriculums only take you so far. Once your kiddos have learned the very beginning skills they are in a holding pattern until they can start kindergarten.

The problem?

Most schools won’t let your child enter kindergarten early, so your kiddo is stuck repeating the same material they’ve already learned for another year. They aren’t allowed to move at their own pace. They aren’t allowed to excel or jump ahead in areas they are interested in or have an aptitude for.

To make matters worse,

being required to repeat learning the same things you already know over and over again is incredibly frustrating. Kids begin to believe that learning is boring, and that is a dangerous perception that can kill their wonder and excitement around education and damage their creativity.

My own preschoolers faced this while waiting to go to kindergarten.

They not only knew their letters, but they also knew their sounds and were almost itching to learn to read.

They were ready to explore the ideas of measurement, data, comparing numbers, addition, subtraction, and so much more that traditional preschool doesn’t offer.

Most preschool curriculums are built around a set of common standards of where experts assume the majority of children will be entering kindergarten.

Ironically, the most beautifully common thing about children is their uniqueness.

What if...

  • Your child doesn’t fit into a common standards box?
  • Your child is ready for something more?
  • They have learned all their letters and are ready to explore the world of reading?
  • They know how to count beyond 20 and are ready to dig in, play with numbers in new ways, and understand how they shape the world?
  • They are ready to express their creativity in storytelling and learning the beginning basics of writing?

I was determined to give my kids the opportunity of something more…

The chance to move at their own pace and jump ahead in the areas they excelled at or had a particular interest in.

A no printer required, easy-to-follow advanced preschool curriculum to get your child ready to CRUSH kindergarten.

The perfect advanced preschool solution for all moms of 4-5 year-old preschool kids who are ready for more than learning basic numbers and letters.

This curriculum will:

Accelerate your child’s learning

Accelerate your child’s learning with advanced pre-k math and literacy activities they will love

(no more worrying if your child will be ready for kindergarten)

Boost their creativity
Boost their creativity with themed crafts to enhance their learning experience.

(So they can activate different parts of their brain as they learn)

Avoid Planning Overwhelm

Avoid planning overwhelm with done-for-you weekly advanced preschool themes that include national holidays and events like Dental Health month, Fire Safety week, and popular holidays.

(save yourself hours of digging through Pinterest and trying to figure out clever ideas every week)

Harness the power of books

Enrich your read-aloud time with amazing book recommendations that encourage grit, build social-emotional skills, and start meaningful conversations.

(no more post library trip stress headaches from trying to come up with book ideas with preschoolers and toddlers in tow)

Simplify the process

Simplify your preschool-at-home journey with a quick and easy supply list you can mostly pull from the cupboard or toy closet

(forget expensive supply lists and constant, last minute trips to the store)

Enhance Learning with Music

Enhance the learning with daily dance and sing parties to the best educational, preschool songs on YouTube

(Activate one of the most powerful and ridiculously fun learning tools on the planet - music - with just a quick click to the song of the day)

- Courtney
"We really like the mommy and me preschool. It’s a fun curriculum that both my 4 and 5-year-old boys have been enjoying it, and I’m having fun teaching it!! 

Great job on creating a great program... it’s been very helpful to our family during this transition to homeschool for the rest of the school year because of the closure of schools. 

I’m also planning to homeschool throughout the summer and in this program it allows me to do that!! Thanks again!"